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The story of the Lazar Distillery is a story about a combination of nature, effort and tradition. Our fruit brandies are produced in the traditional way, by double distillation, from carefully selected fruits.

Crystal clear, natural and delicious, they are intended for hedonists of refined taste. The unique, recognizable and refined aromas of this top quality drink are summed up in a bottle of Lazar brandy.

Drink them chilled, from special glasses, to experience every detail of their balanced flavors.


In the southeastern part of the Pannonian Plain, Banat is Europe’s largest continental sandstone. The Kosava wind formed a pronounced dunes relief, with altitudes between 70 and 200 meters. The Deliblatska Sands Reserve covers an area of approximately 35,000 ha where a three-tier protection regime has been applied.

The Maiden Well is the most famous picnic area of the Deliblatska Sands Nature Reserve, located not far from city of Banatski Karlovac. The advantage of this excursion site is the beautiful, untouched nature, which is hidden only an hour away from Belgrade.

There are several legends about how the resort got its name. According to the first, this beautiful place is named after girls who have been gathering at the well to take water to tired workers. There is another legend, which ties into the water from the well. It is believed that while a girl is washing her face with the water from this well she is to imagine the one she loves and she will end up marrying the same.

In order for the sand to lodge in the Deliblat Sandstone, the so-called “European Sahara” – it had to be afforested. The first afforestation was in 1818 during the time of Maria Theresa. Already then it was noticed that this soil is suitable for vineyards and orchards. Today there are vineyards and orchards on that soil. The House of the Winds is located in the Maiden Well and houses the Lazar Distillery, in which the most beautiful and highest quality Serbian fruit species become, in a natural way, a symphony of the taste and aroma of Lazar brandies.

A few words about production…

Lazar is a modern distillery created as a result of effort, knowledge and connection of modern technologies and traditional recipe.
The highest quality fruits, raspberries and grapes from our own carefully grown and nurtured plantations, and the quince from a reliable subcontractor, as well as the natural way of growing, guarantee the premium quality of our brandies.
We use state-of-the-art equipment, respecting uncompromising standards of the production process where no artificial accessories are added. One of the main advantages is our technologist who monitors and controls every part of our production.
Our premium fruit brandy has a clear, natural scent, natural aroma. In our consciousness, the opinion about the place and importance of brandy is changing. Hence, recognizing a good brandy has become a matter of prestige among the widest population. Lazar brandies are not good, they are top notch.

We are proud of our Awards…..

  • Quality Champion for Raspberry Brandy
  • Gold Medal for Quality for a Quince Brandy
  • Silver Quality Medal for a Grape Brandy
  • Champion of Quality of Fruits Brandies – a products group
  • Champion of quality for bottle, label and box design
  • Bronze medal for quality pear brandy at IWSC London 2021 in the competition of 4000 samples from 85 countries


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